bennett is a nifty, niche real estate consultancy, specialising in the UK retail and investment markets.
About Us
Nigel Bennett established bennett in 2000 to advise select corporate clients on occupational agency, investment, development and lease advisory throughout the UK within the retail and investment markets.

bennett is defined by its independent advice, service excellence, judgement and round the clock availability allowing us to build lasting relationships with our clients and to have some fun.

We pride ourselves on our devotion and discretion. We have a deep rooted connection to our clients and never shout loudly about the details of our latest transaction. We are at our happiest when we are turning those client relationships into friendships; adding value, creating capital, delivering strategy and fostering meaningful partnerships.

We don’t answer to shareholders, directors or partners. We only answer to our clients – and we are proud of that.

Each year we pledge a minimum of 5% of our profits to grass root environmental, social and charitable causes; a figure which grows when we grow. When we can give more we do.

bennett is authorised and regulated by the RICS.

bennett is active across the full retail agency spectrum. Concentrating on acquisition, disposal, leasing and development throughout the UK.

The consultancy is retained by retailers to re-position their portfolios and reduce their ongoing liabilities and landlords to optimise capital value. bennett has detailed knowledge and extensive relationships with all of the UK’s major retailers, investors and developers.

bennett uses experience and knowledge to assess prevailing supply and occupational demand with the expertise to reduce clients residual liability to risk, both on new lettings and acquisition, on existing property portfolios.

For details of either Retailer Requirements or UK Disposals contact us at or


As a dedicated real estate consultancy, bennett provides advice on property investment transactions in the retail sector. Investments are sourced, acquired and sold on behalf of clients. Our client base includes public and private property companies, trusts, private individuals, consortia and overseas investors.

Occupier demand and knowledge of the trends and dynamics of the retail market is one of the key determinates of investment performance and this insight has proved to be invaluable in enabling us to advise investor and developer clients on real estate. Transactions cover the whole of the retail spectrum ranging from solus retail units, retail parks, portfolios, shopping centres and development land where we source, acquire and manage transactions on behalf of our clients.

A thorough appreciation of prevailing market conditions in tandem with traditional and modern appraisal techniques ensures clients are fully evaluated of potential risk and return of prospective investment acquisitions. For details of clients current investment requirements please contact us.

Lease Advisory

Accurate rental valuation is at the heart of any rent review or lease renewal instruction; bennett has a comprehensive database of transactions and a thorough knowledge of the marketplace acting for both landlords and tenants in a wide range of situations.

The successful conclusion to any rent review or lease renewal instruction includes much more than the application to comparable rental evidence, so we formulate strategies at an early stage to be most appropriate to the circumstances of the individual instruction. bennett has an impressive track record in negotiating the best rental settlement and the optimum lease renewal terms whilst proceeding to third party, PACT or court as and when necessary.

bennett has the analytical interpretive skills required to produce the highest quality submissions and presentations in support of all types of cases coupled with an up to date knowledge of legislation, case law and legal precedent.


Nigel Bennett was born in Liverpool in 1968 and educated at Liverpool College. He studied Land Management at Reading University and upon graduation in 1989, followed the massed ranks of young surveyors into London’s West End where he undertook his articles with King & Co, now JLL.

A year-long overland voyage through the Middle East and Africa plus a dose of cerebral malaria contracted somewhere between Zambia and Zaire gave Nigel plenty of time to contemplate the hamster wheel of life. He returned determined to set up a small boutique consultancy that had the freedom to develop deep longstanding relationships with clients.

Building bennett has taken a mixture of time, energy, stubbornness and love – the critical ingredients for anything you can be proud of.

Nigel is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; Accessible Retail and Shop Agents Society. He is married, has three children and a dog. He cherishes the time he has with them, and any opportunity he has to go running or cycling with his Spotify playlist for company, in equal measure.


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